Compensation Planning for 2018 (Not For Profit)

Economy finally seems to be improving, which means people have choices again … but things will never be “like they were” … change is a constant […]

Compensation Planning for 2018

As you begin to prepare next year’s salary budgets, etc. … wanted to offer a few compensation insights/reminders, to aide your 2018 compensation planning. As you […]

Augmenting the traditional base salary model – a few ideas

Been thinking a lot recently about weaknesses’ of traditional salary admin systems in an extended down market, and doing some periodic research … and wanted to […]

Salary Budget and Structure growth rates expected to remain flat for 2018 (3.0% and 2.1% respectively)

While it may be surprising that salary rates have not grown in last several years despite: minimum wage increases, an improving jobs market (US now near […]