Economy finally seems to be improving, which means people have choices again … but things will never be “like they were” … change is a constant in life … are your organization’s compensation plans and structures up to date and capable of helping you ….Attract, Retain and Motivate key employees and top talent?

Is your company properly focused on the fundamentals in the current economy?

BASE SALARY: Is your “Bread Butter and Mortgage” component about right (Are base salaries properly positioned within the market and according to your Organization’s compensation strategy & philosophy)? Any surprises or challenge areas that you need to check on (jobs that appear to be growing very rapidly, are tough to recruit for, etc.)?

ANNUAL INCENTIVES: Most are relying on Incentives to reward and help manage costs. Are your Plans designed to ‘share’ appropriately, resulting in rewards that are affordable and will result in high level performances?

LONG TERM REWARDS: Are long term equity or “stock like” rewards achieving targeted results? Are you at risk of losing top performers?

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