Or said more politely – Leadership – Give it away and it will come back to you

Our society has the mistaken impression that “A” type behavior is leadership, when often it is exactly the opposite. Dominant and aggressive people who do not know how to control those characteristics, are often disruptive and frequently individual contributors at best. Part of the reason our government has been so ineffective lately is that they do not know how to “get along to get along”.

Effective leaders can lead from the back just as well as from the front. They know that leadership is actually stewardship of the group they are leading’s interests, and that their job is to facilitate progress, not to be the smartest or most dominate person in the room … Effective leaders realize they must win “the hearts and minds” to be effective in getting true engagement and commitment to group objectives …. They appreciate that the more they try to “give it (power) away” by involving and supporting others, the more their leadership will be appreciated and acknowledged by others.

Leaders who simply use their power skills and do not figure out how to be “other person focused” frequently derail.

We work with executives to help them appreciate their capabilities and the impact those characteristics create around them, to help then plan effective and successful careers.  Contact us to learn more.

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