Selecting the right executive and managerial talent makes all the difference … things go better and problems begin to disappear. On the other hand, 40% of new leaders fail, and bad selections stagnate and distract organizations and cause them to lose momentum. Detailed answers to the following 7 questions will tell you a lot about the “potential” in leaders:


  1. Can this person achieve key strategic business objectives? What have they achieved that relates?
  2. Has s/he demonstrated leadership that produced meaningful change or results?
  3. What is his/her level of industry specific knowledge?
  4. How well does individual manage the relationships around them – above, below, peer, internal/external, etc.?
  5. Will this person “fit” – quickly be able to work well within our culture?
  6. Does candidate develop key subordinates and help expand organizational leverage?
  7. How long will s/he stay & remain motivated in the target role?


Think I forgot a couple? ….. Now that you know “what” you need to know the remaining questions are: 8). “Where and from whom do I need input/proof on answers to these questions?’ … Clue – however you get it, a full 360 degree perspective on the candidate is ideal. And 9). How do we get proof of our findings? … clue – Past success is best indicator of future potential – “what have they done, and how closely does that relate to anticipated key role challenges?”


I hope these insights are helpful as you plan for the growth of your organization. Should you have questions, and/or wish to discuss your unique situation in more detail, please do not hesitate to let me know. All the Best!

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