Caution – Across the board increases tend to disincent.

Caution – Across the board increases tend to disincent … within pay group may reduce desire to be top performer … in nearby employee pay groups […]

Goals and Human Nature

People want to do a good job, but like and require clarity of expectations. Often that means “translating” goals into “my line of sight” …. Research […]

A Bonus is not an incentive.

Bonus is a not pre-planned reward, that basically says “we did well and want to share – thanks” … Be careful about repeating bonuses, however, as […]

A Message that bears repeating: Value Jobs and pay people … and don’t get the two concepts confused.

Your people may be invaluable as individuals, but every job has a specific value range. Strategy dictates organization – i.e. what types of people and how […]